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For digital photography classes, the Workshop’s photo department has 6 computers: 3 Mac and 3 PC. When signing up for these classes, please state your preference. Students with laptops may bring them instead of using CAW’s computers. Photoshop CS4, CS5 or CS6 is recommended. Students must provide their own paper for printing. For darkroom classes, tuition includes the use of the lab during class hours.



Flash Photography
This course is designed to introduce the advanced topic of flash (or strobe) lighting. Flash is useful for adding light to a dark scene and freezing fast motion. Beyond basic exposure, students will also learn to blend flash and ambient light for more pleasing photographs, how the direction and quality of light affect the image, and some trick techniques. A camera with manual controls and a compatible external flash unit are required.
Instructor: Kurt Heumiller
Thursdays, 6:30 - 8:30pm, May 1 - 22
Facility fee: $15
4 sessions: $113; members: $102

Digital Photography I
This course will focus on the transition from traditional to digital photography, including basic digital camera operation and the digital imaging suite of Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop. Students will be introduced to tools for making tone and color corrections, as well as retouching. Students will explore output, learning about color management and printing. Students will be shown contemporary photographic trends through illustrated lectures, readings and assignments, enabling the development of a personal photographic language. DSLR preferred; point and shoot digital cameras are acceptable. Paper provided. Prerequisite: basic computer knowledge.
Instructor: Jonathan Weekes
Wednesdays, 7 - 9:30pm, June 18 - July 23
Facility fee: $15
6 sessions: $203; members: $183

Digital Night Photography
Explore the world of photography after the sun has set. Using digital cameras, students will go on excursions each week and employ long exposures, multiple flash, filters, and more to create memorable night photographs. A digital camera with manual control, portable flash, tripod and cable (or electronic) release is required. Further equipment choices will be discussed extensively during this class, but students should be very comfortable with basic camera controls to get the most out of this class. Prerequisite: basic computer knowledge.
Instructor: Harold Shapiro
Mondays, 7 - 9:30pm, June 16 - July 21
Facility fee: $15
6 sessions: $236; members: $212

Digital Capture: Digital Camera Technique
This course will focus on understanding the digital camera and rules of composition. Students will learn to use their camera’s controls to express their vision, to use compositional techniques to draw interest and gain an understanding of lighting to make the most impact with their photos. Through demonstrations, assignments and critique, students will develop as photographers. This class is NOT a Photoshop class, as the main goal is getting the most out of your camera. This course is designed as part of a series; there will be a follow-up course offered in the following session that focuses on processing and the digital darkroom. Prerequisite: Basic computer knowledge (Mac or Windows). Required: Digital camera with full manual control (usually DSLR or Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera).
Instructor: Kurt Heumiller
Tuesdays, 7 - 9:30pm, June 17 - July 22
Facility fee: $15
6 sessions: $203; members: $183

Lightroom and RAW Workflow
In this course, students will use Adobe Lightroom to organize, edit, adjust, and output their photographs. An emphasis will be placed using the RAW capture that most SLR and Mirrorless digital cameras offer in order to have the most control of the images. While Lightroom is designed to be a much simpler, intuitive program than Photoshop, it is very powerful, and students will learn controls ranging from color correction and black-and-white conversion, to advanced topics such as removing lens distortion. A camera that shoots in RAW is recommended but not required.
Instructor: Kurt Heumiller
Thursdays, 7 - 9:30pm, June 19 - July 24
Facility fee: $15
6 sessions: $203; members: $183

Individual Instruction
Instructors are available for individual critiques or instruction on an hourly basis. Cost: $60 per hour.



Introduction to Photoshop
Learn to use the computer as a graphic arts tool. Students will learn simple color correction, photo retouching, illustration and photo manipulation. We will also cover capturing and enhancing student’s images from a variety of sources, including digital cameras and scanned prints and photographs. Prerequisite: basic computer knowledge.
Instructor: Tung Hoang
Mondays, 2 - 4pm, June 16 - July 21
Facility fee: $15
6 sessions: $162; members: $146

Photoshop for Artists: Intro to Digital Art
Photoshop is not just for photographers! Learn to use Photoshop to digitally collage, draw and paint. Explore tools that mimic traditional media - such as watercolor, oils and pastels - as well as those that allow “impossible in the real world” transparency blending. Use images of your existing artwork as a starting point or create new work entirely in Photoshop. No previous Photoshop experience required. CAW lab has 6 computers (3 Mac & 3 PC) loaded with Photoshop CS6. Students may also bring their own laptops provided they have their own version of Photoshop CS4, CS5 or CS6.
Instructor: Karen Wheeler
Tuesdays, 1 - 3:30pm, June 17 - July 22
Facility fee: $15
6 sessions: $203; members: $183





iPhone Photography
Explore the possibilities of making visually beautiful yet challenging photographs with the iPhone! We will begin with an illustrated lecture on iPhone photography. Then we will download and introduce some applications for image processing before photographing the Cityseed Farmers’ Market in Wooster Square and the International Festival of Arts and Ideas in New Haven. After our photo walk, we’ll return to CAW to download and edit images. Finally, we will create a Flickr site and upload images of the day’s work. Smartphone, preferably an iPhone, is required. Previous experience with image capture and editing software highly recommended. Please bring a USB cable and lunch.
Instructor: Meredith Miller
Saturday, 9:30am - 4:30pm, June 21
Cost: $117; members: $105

Capturing Your Kids Like a Pro
Learn how to take beautiful, spontaneous portraits of your children in a variety of contexts. To begin, we will discuss the elements that make a great photograph (light; perspective; composition) using visual examples, focusing specifically on portraits of children. Then we will discuss the technical aspects of how to achieve the look you want (exposure, adjusting your camera’s settings, blurring the background, etc.). Finally, we’ll bring our cameras outside and practice the techniques, so that you’ll be ready to start taking photographs of your kids that you’ll treasure forever. These techniques are applicable to furry family members too! Please bring your camera to the workshop (DSLR is preferred because we can do more with them, but other digital cameras are fine too!) View Stephanie’s work at and
Instructor: Stephanie Anestis
Saturday, 9:30am - 12:30pm, June 28
Cost: $50; members: $45

Create Great Portraits Using a Light Disc
We will begin with a review of reflector and diffusion techniques for flash and ambient light. After some Q&A, we’ll go practice on location. Participants are encouraged to bring their DSLR with normal to short telephoto zoom lens. An active photographer, Phil has been teaching group and individual classes for four years. View his work at
Instructor: Phil Hovey
Saturday, 9:30am - 12:30pm, July 12
Cost: $50; members: $45

Nature Photography Close-Up
Close-up and macro photography of nature can be great fun but also frustrating. This workshop will show you how to reduce the frustration and get better close-up images. We will begin with an introduction about the necessary equipment and cover special situations that can be encountered, and then concentrate on close-up and macro photography in nature. Topics will include techniques, equipment, types of subjects, lighting, and affordable equipment options. A DSLR camera is recommended; however, good quality close- up photography is possible with many point-and-shoot cameras, and these will also be covered.
Instructor: Robert Rattner
Saturday, 9:30am - 12:30pm, July 19
Cost: $50; members: $45





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