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All Pottery courses and monitored Open Studio include 3 hours per week of wheel practice time. Clay and glazes are included in the class cost unless stated otherwise. There will be an additional firing fee of $2.50 per pound; pieces with dimensions between 12” to 15” will be $3 per pound. All glazeware greater than 15” will be $3.50 per pound. Tools are not supplied, but students may purchase a basic set of tools for under $18 at the first class.


Beginning and Intermediate Pottery
This class is for students with no previous experience or for those seeking further development of hand-building, throwing and glazing skills. Interested students can also acquire a working knowledge of loading and firing kilns.
Instructor: Charles Jones
Tuesdays, 7 - 10pm, Sep 16 - Dec 2
12 sessions: $420; members: $378

Pottery: All Levels
The emphasis in this class will be on mastering the skills to make dishes for food. We will cover clay preparation, wheel-throwing, tools, trimming, pulling handles and glazing. Part of each class will be dedicated to demonstrations and exercises.
Instructor: Louise Harter
a Wednesdays, 9:30am - 12:30pm, Sep 17 - Dec 3
   12 sessions: $420; members: $378
b Wednesdays, 7 - 10pm, Sep 17 - Dec 3
   12 sessions: $420; members: $378

Hand-Building with Clay
Discover the rich world of hand-building with clay. Learn all about coil-building, slab-rolling, textures and tools in this class for beginners and those with very little experience. From wedging to glazing, students will be taught at their individual levels of experience. Approached with enthusiasm for clay, this class will bring out the hidden artist in you!
Instructor: Violet Harlow
Mondays, 9:30am - 12:30pm, Sep 15 - Dec 1
12 sessions: $420; members: $378

Techniques for Wheel Throwing
This course will focus on wheel throwing techniques for students new to clay and those with experience. Start by learning methods of wedging, centering, lifting and forming, in addition to practicing the best positions for negotiating a mass of clay on the wheel. Learn to consider glaze color prior to making an object. Demonstrations will cover the importance of trimming techniques and various forming processes. Open to all levels.
Instructor: Stephen Rodriguez
Tuesdays, 9am - 12pm, Sep 16 - Dec 2
12 sessions: $420; members: $378

Possibilities in Clay - Beginning and Intermediate Students
Addressing both wheel-thrown and hand-built methods of making pottery, this class will provide beginning students with a solid foundation of skills. For those with previous experience, we will hone your skills and expand your repertoire. The class includes demonstrations as well as individual instruction. Finishing techniques include trimming, handles, wet clay surface treatments, sets, consideration of forms and glaze application.
Instructor: Alice Chittenden
Thursdays, 7 - 10pm, Sep 18 - Dec 4 (except Nov 27)
11 sessions: $385; members: $347

Intermediate and Advanced Ceramics
This class will include instruction in wheel-throwing and hand-building techniques with emphasis on individual attention. Both stoneware and earthenware clays will be available. The course will also cover glaze techniques specific to stoneware and experimental methods using a variety of painting and slip applications.
Instructor: Anita Griffith
Thursdays, 9am - 12pm, Sep 18 - Dec 4 (except Nov 27)
11 sessions: $385; members: $347

Intermediate and Advanced Pottery
This course will focus on wheel-throwing techniques in stoneware. Lessons will cover both functional and decorative pottery forms. Students will also be instructed on how to manipulate high fire glazes to achieve a variety of results, including double glazing, wax resist and the application of dry wood ash on specific glazes.
Instructor: Stephen Rodriguez
Mondays, 7 - 10pm, Sep 22 - Dec 8
12 sessions: $420; members: $378

Open Pottery Studio
This studio offers monitored sessions for those students who have worked at CAW for at least one term and who would like to work on their own. Includes 3 hours of weekly practice time on the wheel. Students must be approved by an instructor to enroll and must have adequate knowledge of the pottery studio.
Monitor: Studio Potters
Fridays, 7 - 10pm, Sep 19 - Dec 5 (except Nov 28)
11 sessions: $320; members: $288





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