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Beginning and Intermediate Print Sampler
Explore the basics of printmaking, or further develop new approaches to your imagery. Students may concentrate in one area or experiment with a variety of techniques including etching, woodcut, monotype, collagraph, silk aquatint, transfer prints and chine collé.
Instructor: Barbara Harder (section a) or Liz Pagano (section b)
Lab fee: $25
a Tuesdays, 7 - 10pm, Mar 11 - May 27
   12 sessions: $404; members: $364
b Thursdays, 10am - 1pm, Mar 13 - May 29
   12 sessions: $404; members: $364

Intermediate Printmaking
Explore printmaking techniques while you develop new approaches to imagery. Concentrate in one area or experiment with many techniques including etching, woodcut, monotype, paper and pronto plate lithography, collagraph, silk aquatint and chine collé.
Instructor: Barbara Harder
Lab fee: $25
Tuesdays, 10am - 2pm, Mar 11 - May 27
12 sessions: $539; members: $485

Advanced Printmaking
Give yourself the studio time you’ve always needed. Explore the benefits of printing in multiple layers with intaglio, relief, silk aquatint, solar, polymer and silicone processes, mixed media, chine collé and experimental techniques. This class is designed for the experienced printmaker who is ready for personal artistic investigation. Students will look at artwork, plan individualized approaches and discuss exhibition opportunities. Prerequisite: Beginning and Intermediate Print Sampler or instructor’s permission.
Instructor: Barbara Harder
Lab fee: $25
Wednesdays, 10am - 3pm, Mar 12 - May 28 (except Mar 26)
11 sessions: $550; members: $495

Lithography Without a Stone
Experiment with three types of lithography that can be printed using an intaglio press: paper lithography, image transfer from a xerox copy; pronto plate lithography, polyester plates that accept a wide range of mediums; aluminum litho plates, the closest you can get to a stone but without the weight. Some supplies will be available for purchase.
Instructor: Alexis Brown
Lab fee: $15
Mondays, 7 - 10pm, Mar 10 - Apr 14
6 sessions: $200; members: $180

Try etching, one of the oldest and richest printmaking mediums. This class will let you build an image on a copper plate with a bevy of techniques: etching with acid, dry-point, marbling, sugar lift, mezzotint and more. Some supplies will be available for purchase.
Instructor: Alexis Brown
Lab fee: $15
Mondays, 7 - 10pm, Apr 21 - May 19
5 sessions: $167; members: $150

What’s the difference between a monotype and a monoprint? Discover the answer as you experiment with the endless possibilities of both printmaking approaches. Students will use a variety of techniques to explore additive, subtractive and viscosity inking, stenciling, chine collé, Xerox transfer, relief, intaglio and more. Open to all levels.
Instructor: Maura Galante
Lab fee: $25
Wednesdays, 7 - 10pm, Mar 12 - May 28
12 sessions: $404; members: $364

Non-Toxic Silkscreen
Explore monotype silkscreen, reduction printing, four-color separations, hand-painted stencils, photo silkscreen, registration and additional printing techniques. Learn to stretch screens, mix inks, and print on many different surfaces. All inks and materials are non-toxic. Students working with the Image-On process are welcome.
Instructor: Tung Hoang
Lab fee: $25
Thursdays, 7 - 10pm, Mar 13 - May 29
12 sessions: $364; members: $328

Water-Based Printmaking
Explore traditional and innovative techniques in various print media to aid in the development of personal imagery. Possibilities includes etching, dry point, mezzotint, embossment, collagraph, woodcut, linocut and monotype. Water-based inks will be employed wherever possible. Experimentation with stencil, chine collé, xerography, clay plates and print imagery within the artist book format will be encouraged. Classroom experience will be enhanced with slides, videos, and trips to print exhibitions. For all levels.
Instructor: Flo Hatcher
Lab fee: $25
Saturdays, 9am - 2pm, Mar 15 - May 31 (except May 24)
11 sessions: $550; members: $495

Printmaking Lab
The lab offers monitored sessions for those experienced in printmaking and includes basic materials for intaglio, relief, serigraphy and some lithography. Participants may use one of four etching presses, from 28” x 50” up to 36” x 60” bed size, a light exposure unit, and a separate room for editioning. You must be pre-approved and have adequate printmaking knowledge to work independently in a studio. No instruction.
Monitor: Liz Pagano
Lab fee: $25
Mondays, 9:30am - 2:30pm, Mar 10 - May 19
11 sessions: $347; members: $312

Additional Print Lab
All students currently enrolled in printmaking classes may attend a monitored print lab for an additional fee on Fridays from 10am-2pm. Cost per 4-hour session: $25; members: $23. Approved non-current CAW students may attend with permission from an instructor for $50 for each 4 hour session; members: $45.






Open Printmaking Week
Print all week in this monitored open format workshop. Our studio includes basic materials for intaglio and relief printmaking on two Charles Brand presses (largest is 36” x 60”) and a Takach press (24” x 48”). Participants must be pre-approved and have adequate printmaking knowledge to work independently in a studio.
Instructor: Liz Pagano
Lab fee: $25
Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 2:30pm, Jun 9 - 13
Cost: $165; members: $149




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