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Joomchi and Beyond
Joomchi is a unique, traditional Korean way of making textured handmade paper by using water and eager hands. This workshop offers participants the opportunity to become acquainted with its history, practice, and role in Korean society, as well as the hands-on techniques and reinterpreted adaptations into contemporary art form. Joomchi creates strong, textural and painterly surfaces by layering and agitating Hanji (Korean mulberry papers). Its usages are diverse and can be incorporated into surface design, collage, new ways of drawing; wearable, unconventional body ornament, or sculptural object - either 2-D or 3-D, functional or fine art oriented. Materials included.
Instructor: Jiyoung Chung
Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 3pm, Nov 22 - 23
Facility fee: $15
Cost: $435; members: $395

Mixed Media, Wax and the Artist’s Book
The Artist Book is a work of art in a traditional book form. The original words, textures, and images intertwine with the artist’s inner thoughts, resulting in a unique and personal narrative. In this workshop, students will learn to alter and repurpose the elements of a book. They will create their own pages using plaster, papers and natural materials. On the first day, students will use plaster cloth to make pages. On the second day, encaustic wax will be used to protect the books and make them more sculptural. Various mixed media and encaustic techniques will be introduced. Students are encouraged to bring personal items: such as photographs (printed with toner based copies), imagery, twine, ribbons, natural elements or old books. Materials included. Open to all levels.
Instructor: Corina Alvarezdelugo
Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 4pm, Nov 29 - 30
Facility fee: $15
Cost: $160; members: $146



Intensive Landscape Painting Workshop
The East Rock overlook offers commanding and dramatic views of New Haven City, New Haven Harbor and the surrounding landscape. In this workshop, students will draw or paint the landscape from up high. Demonstrations and discussions will address linear and aerial perspective, and the changes that occur as the sun and clouds pass over the New Haven vista. We’ll be working outside, plein air unless the weather does not permit, in which case we will work at an alternative site. Bring whatever materials you require, including two or more canvases if painting, and anything you want to use to make your painting experience more comfortable (chair, easel, hats, sun block, umbrella, etc), and a packed lunch. Some outside painting and drawing experience recommended.
Instructor: Steven DiGiovanni
Saturday & Sunday, 10:30am - 3:30pm, August 9 - 10
Cost: $120; members: $108

Try It! Encaustic Sampler
Experience the medium of molten paint called “encaustic,” and see if you would like to learn more. Encaustic paint sets up as soon as it leaves the heated palette and is a luscious and versatile painting medium. Join us to learn about the endless possibilities!
Instructor: Binnie Birstein
Sunday, 1 - 5pm, Sep 7
Cost: $55; members: $50

A Tour Through Chelsea with Steven DiGiovanni
Join us for a walk through Chelsea. Discover artworks by talents from around the world: painting, sculpture, installation and more. You will be inspired, invigorated, seduced, possibly confused, even a bit disgruntled. No matter, you will have fun, and your mind and body will receive the exercise they so need. Bring comfortable shoes. Students will be notified of meeting location in advance. Students must provide their own transportation.
Instructor: Steven DiGiovanni
Saturday, 11am - 3pm, Oct 18
Cost: $32; members: $29

Artists Portfolios for the Web
You’ve made the art - now it’s time to make it available to the public. This workshop will provide a sampling of tools and online resources (many free) to create and post your own portfolio site. We’ll cover all you need to set up your online presence. No previous experience necessary, but students will need their own wifi-enabled laptop or tablet.
Instructor: Beth Lovell
Thursdays, 6:30 - 9:30pm, Nov 6 - 20
Facility fee: $10
Cost: $110; members: $99

Immersion in Abstraction
In this class, students will investigate contemporary abstraction and discover ways to generate abstract imagery. Approaches will involve collage, expressive narrative, symbolic imagery and geometry. The course will cover the basics of color theory, space, value, and composition. All levels welcome; instruction will be tailored to individual students. Come with a curiosity and willingness to experiment. Students will be guided towards the completion of a small series of works, as well as at least one larger work.
Instructor: Lenny Moskowitz
Saturday & Sunday, 1 - 4pm, Nov 22 - 23
Facility fee: $5
Cost: $72; members: $65

Drawing Bootcamp
This workshop will include special projects and drawing prompts to get your creative juices flowing, drawing faster and making more drawings than you might imagine. We’ll use traditional and non-traditional drawing methods and exercises to get you thinking with the creative side of your brain. Sign up for one, two, three or all four sessions.
Instructor: Beth Lovell
Facility fee: $5
a Monday, 9:30am - 12:30pm, Dec 8
   Cost: $40; members: $36
b Monday, 1:30 - 4:30pm, Dec 8
   Cost: $40; members: $36
c Tuesday, 9:30am - 12:30pm, Dec 9
   Cost: $40; members: $36
d Tuesday, 1:30 - 4:30pm, Dec 9
   Cost: $40; members: $36
e Monday & Tuesday, 9:30 am - 4:30pm, Dec 8 - 9
   members: $130



Shoot Great Video with Your DSLR
Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras can now shoot high-quality video that was once impossible without high-end video cameras. Yet DSLR video has some challenges. This workshop will show students how to get the most out of their cameras without additional gear. We will also cover editing video with programs like iMovie, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro. A list of additional learning resources will be provided. Students need not bring their DSLR cameras to class unless they have specific questions.
Instructor: Charles Landrey
Saturday, 9:30am - 12:30pm, Oct 18
Cost: $50; members: $45



Open Printmaking Week
Print all week in this monitored open format workshop. Our studio includes basic materials for intaglio and relief printmaking on two Charles Brand presses (largest is 36” x 60”) and a Takach press (24” x 48”). Participants must be pre-approved and have adequate printmaking knowledge to work independently in a studio.
Instructor: Liz Pagano
Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 2:30pm, Sep 8 - 12
Facility fee: $25
Cost: $165; members: $149



Book Sculpture
By learning a few simple paper manipulation techniques, a hardcover book will be transformed from an everyday object into a unique sculpture. The pages of the book can be folded, cut, rolled, punched, glued, crimped, embossed and ripped to create a visual interpretation of text, material, form and content. The versatile and flexible material of paper lends itself to an internal and external dialogue using layers to hide and reveal content where idea over object and the beauty of form are at play. Open to all levels.
Instructor: Shelby Head
Saturday, 10am - 4pm, Nov 15
Cost: $110; members: $99



Japanese Lampmaking
Learn how easy it is to make an elegant Japanese Shoji lamp in this one-day workshop. Students will use wood and rice paper to create a floor or table lamp and will learn a simple technique for electrically wiring the lamp. Students will leave with a unique lamp of their own design. All materials supplied, but feel free to bring any special rice paper.
Instructor: Phillip Chambers
Sunday, 10am - 4pm, Oct 12
Cost: $105; members: $95

Wreaths Resound!
Let your door sing with inspiration each month this fall, adorned with your handcrafted wreath! Join us to learn the elegant and endless inspiration that simple wreaths can hold. We will use fresh cut materials, as well as craft goods such as yarn, paint, paper and more to create one-of-a-kind wreaths. Materials valued at $30 included. Open to all levels.
Instructor: Allie Bruch
a Thursday, 5:30 - 8:30pm, Sep 18
   Cost: $60; members: $54
b Thursday, 5:30 - 8:30pm, Oct 16
   Cost: $60; members: $54
c Thursday, 5:30 - 8:30pm, Nov 13
   Cost: $60; members: $54



Unconventional Silk Screen Printing on Fabric
This class will demystify and alleviate any fears of silk-screen printing you may have developed over the years. Participants will explore some of the most basic, innovative and chemical-free ways to print on fabric using a silk-screen, without photo emulsion, while also learning about the wonderful world of textile paints. Textile paints are easy to use, clean up with soap and water and are made permanent with the heat of an iron or clothes dryer. What’s not to love? Workshop is designed for beginning and intermediate students. $45 materials fee due to instructor on the first day of class covers three (3) silk screens students may keep, and the use of tools and paint needed for the workshop.
Instructor: Cheryl Rezendes
Saturday & Sunday, 9:30am - 4pm, Sep 13 - 14
Facility fee: $15
Cost: $275; members: $248

Weaving on the Weekend
Learn the basics of weaving using a portable rigid heddle loom. This compact loom is perfect for many different projects and will introduce the beginner to a wide range of weave structures and woven projects. For weavers with experience, the rigid heddle loom will expand the options for small projects, sampling, and experimenting. Students will learn how to set up the loom and complete their first project - a scarf with the colors and textures of their choice. Bring your own rigid heddle loom, or purchase ($141) or rent ($35) a loom from the instructor. All other materials provided. Beginners welcome.
Instructor: Christine Wilkinson
Sundays, 10am - 4pm, Oct 26 & Nov 2
Facility fee: $5
Cost: $140; members: $126

Weaving Beyond the Basics
Explore further possibilities for creative weaving using a portable loom. This workshop is designed to expand your experience with woven structures beyond plain weave, such as lace, warp and weft faced fabrics, and using more that one heddle for complex designs on the rigid heddle loom. Participants will also examine the impact of diverse fibers and new color ways. Bring your own rigid heddle loom, or purchase ($141) or rent ($35) a loom from the instructor. Recommended: some experience with rigid heddle looms or other weaving methods.
Instructor: Christine Wilkinson
Sunday, 10am - 4pm, Nov 16
Facility fee: $5
Cost: $70; members: $60



Bead Stringing: Magic on a String
Learn about the different techniques, tools and materials used to produce beautiful beaded jewelry. Design, color and texture including the use of natural and manmade materials will be discussed. Techniques such as pearl knotting, stringing materials and adding findings will be studied, providing each student the opportunity to leave with a professionally finished product. Instructor will supply tools. Materials fee payable to the instructor will range from $25 for basic materials and more for high-end materials.
Instructor: Viola Galetta
Saturday, 10am - 1pm, Oct 4
Cost: $35; members: $32

Leather Wrap Bracelet
Known as Chan Luu bracelets, students will learn how to make these popular bracelets that wrap around the wrist two or more times, using their choice of beads and leather. Instructor will supply tools. Materials fee payable to the instructor will range from $25 for basic materials and more for high-end materials.
Instructor: Viola Galetta
Saturday, 10am - 1pm, Nov 1
Cost: $35; members: $32

Viking Knit Bracelet
This ancient Scandinavian technique of weaving with wire is very popular today. Students will learn to weave with different gauges of wire, combining wire with beads and crystals, creating very unique and personal pieces, finishing, ready to wear or gift it. Instructor will supply tools. Materials fee payable to the instructor will range from $25 for basic materials and more for high-end materials.
Instructor: Viola Galetta
Saturday, 10am - 1pm, Nov 8
Cost: $35; members: $32

Discover PMC
Have fun working with Precious Metal Clay (PMC). It looks and feels like clay, but is actually pure silver in an organic binder. It is fun and fast to work with, and requires no previous jewelry-making experience. Students will learn basic techniques for forming, texturing, firing and finishing. Students will finish and take home several pieces of PMC jewelry. This workshop is great for beginners, jewelry students, clay artists, bead makers, and others. Bringing a lunch is recommended to save valuable work time. A materials fee of approximately $100 is payable to the instructor at class by cash or check. Materials fee is subject to change with the metals market. Use of basic tools and PMC for class projects is included in the materials fee.
Instructor: Nancy Karpel
Saturday, 10am - 3:30pm, Sep 20
Facility fee: $5
Cost: $110; members: $99

PMC Bead Making
During this two-day workshop participants will learn and experiment with the many ways to make beads with PMC-3. Learn to make beads with dry PMC and cores for hollow beads. Projects will progress from simple to more advanced forms of bead-making. It will be a fun and informative weekend! Students should practice drawing beads, or come to class prepared with design ideas to pursue during the workshop. A PMC tool kit is required and will be available to rent in class for $5. A materials fee of approximately $125.00, payable to the instructor at class, includes enough PMC to make at least three medium to large sized beads or many smaller beads, handouts, use of bead-making tools and supplies. Extra PMC-3 will be available for purchase at class. Prerequisite: at least one other PMC class or workshop.
Instructor: Nancy Karpel
Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 4pm, Oct 11 - 12
Facility fee: $10
Cost: $240; members: $216

PMC Rings and More
Learn various ring forming techniques using PMC-3. Students will learn how to set synthetic stones for firing in PMC and the use of a slip syringe will be discussed. The instructor will demonstrate how to make cold-molds, which students may incorporate into their ring designs. Students will have the opportunity to complete at least two unique fine silver rings. A $100 materials fee is payable to the instructor at class, which covers sufficient PMC-3, supplies and significant handouts to complete class projects. Basic PMC tools, including portable work-surface (such as styrene sheet), are required and will not be provided. A small tool kit may be rented in class for $5.00. Upon sign up, students must give their ring size or a ring size they wish to work with. Prerequisite: at least one other PMC class or workshop.
Instructor: Nancy Karpel
Sunday, 10am - 4pm, Nov 2
Facility fee: $5
Cost: $120; members: $108






Zombie in Love: A Free Family Workshop
Ages 7-10
Calling all young Zombie fans and their families! Gather together to hear the story of Mortimer the zombie, who is looking for love in all the wrong places. How’s a guy supposed to find a ghoul? Build your own zombie, paint a picture with a palette of delightfully disgusting watercolors and laugh while listening to Mortimer’s hapless adventures. Each family will receive a copy of Zombie in Love by Kelly DiPucchio, with illustrations by Scott Campbell. This free workshop is funded by the Museum Round Trip Project with a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Service. You must register in advance to attend the workshop. Space is limited.
Instructor: YP Faculty
Sunday, 2 - 4pm, Sep 21
Cost: FREE



Portfolio Development
Grades 9-12
Meet with an experienced art educator and learn how to review college art programs. What is the difference between an art school and a college or university with an art program? Find out what it is you want in a program and what schools look for in applicants. This workshop will include a group portfolio review and tips on how to build a portfolio that highlights your strengths. Learn what to expect from application requirements: file format, image size, labeling and uploading your portfolio online. Students may bring up to five original pieces; at least two should be observational drawings, and a sketchbook if applicable. This workshop is designed for students and parents are welcome to join.
Instructor: Phil Levine
Thursday, 7 - 9pm, Sep 11
Cost: $35; members: $32

Anime-Manga Drawing
Ages 10-12
Learn how to draw the expressive faces and dynamic poses of Japanese cartoon characters. You will even make characters of your own! Step by step, students will learn how to take initial sketches to finished colored pencil and marker drawings that are truly original.
Instructor: Kris Wetmore
Saturday, 1 - 3pm, Oct 18
Cost: $23; members: $21

Make a Silly Monster
Ages 6-10
Goofy? Spooky? Creepy-crawly! Students will work with scrap wood, cardboard boxes, wire, glue, and found materials to build a fun 3-d creature from their imagination, and decorate it with colored tissue paper, yarn, buttons and more. Promotes creative thinking and art skills with hands-on fun. Note: includes (optional) sweet treat, so please inform us of any allergies.
Instructor: Eva Scopino
Saturday, 3 - 5pm, Oct 25
Cost: $25; members: $23

Make a Felted Bag
Ages 7-12
Using felted wool pieces and simple stitching, students will design and construct a bag or purse with handles, and can embellish it creatively with buttons and felt shapes. Make it for yourself or to give as a holiday gift! Some hand sewing experience is helpful, as we will work with needles and embroidery floss; instructor will assist with sewing. All materials provided.
Instructor: Eva Scopino
Saturday, 3 - 5pm, Nov 22
Cost: $27; members: $24

Up-cycle Hanukah
Ages 6 and up
With wood, wire, cloth, paint and glitter, create objects and art celebrating Hanukah.
Instructor: Nellie Shevelkina
Sunday, 1 - 3:30pm, Nov 23
Cost: $23; members: $21

Holiday Fun with Wet Felting
Ages 6 and up
Wet felting is an ancient, magical process using wool roving, soap and water. Create colorful felted wool balls that can be hung as decorations and ornaments, and make a colorful picture by “painting” with wool. All materials included and projects will be ready to take home. Please bring an old bath towel to the workshop. Students will use sheepswool, soap and water, so please inform us of any allergies.
Instructor: Eva Scopino
Saturday, 3 - 5pm, Dec 6
Cost: $35; members: $32

Holiday Hang-ups
Ages 6 and up
Using paper, twine, gems, pompons, feathers, pinecones, twigs, beads, paint and more, create unique mini-picture frames, sparkling garland and wall art celebrating the season.
Instructor: Nellie Shevelkina
Sunday, 2:30 - 4:30pm, Dec 14
Cost: $27; members: $24

Pizza, Paint & Pottery Nights
Ages 6-12
Schedule a date night or grab an evening out with the girls - we’ll take care of the kids! For two Fridays, drop off your kids at CAW - we’ll give them a pizza dinner and create a variety of art projects. Dinner includes pizza, a drink, and a fun treat. Choose one night, or sign up for both!
Instructor: YP Faculty
a Friday, 6 - 9pm, Sep 26
   Cost: $35; members: $32
b Friday, 6 - 9pm, Oct 24
   Cost: $35; members: $32


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