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Try Your Hand: Workshops for the Beginner
Spend an afternoon in an intensive session with a medium in which you have been interested. See a demonstration and gain some hands-on experience of the many techniques used in printmaking, pottery or sculpture. All materials and tools will be provided. Have fun finding your art form. Enrollment limited, please sign up early.
Instructor: CAW Faculty
a Drawing & Painting Sunday, 1- 4pm, March 29
   Cost: $25; members: $23
b Jewelry Sunday, 1 - 4pm, Apr 19
   Cost: $25; members: $23
c Printmaking Sunday, 1 - 4pm, May 3
   Cost: $25; members: $23
d Pottery Sunday, 1 - 4pm, May 17
   Cost: $25; members: $23



Learn Pysanky: The Ukrainian Art of Egg Decoration
Discover the art of making pysanky - intricately decorated Ukrainian Easter eggs. These colorful ornaments are created with a batik method using a stylus, hot wax, and dyes. Students will learn about the history and symbolism behind traditional pysanky patterns as well as experiment with their own styles, creating works of art with personal significance. Open to adult and teen students of all levels.
Instructor: Haley Grunloh
Sunday, 1 - 5pm, Mar 29
Cost: $53; members: $48



Free Demo! GOLDEN Acrylic Products
Welcome to a fun, fast-paced, informative 2-hour lecture/demonstration covering a technical review of acrylics and their varied application possibilities. The lecture will present information about pigments, characteristics, heavy body, open paints, fluids, gel mediums, pastes, iridescents and much more. For traditional to contemporary to mixed media, acrylics are extremely versatile. Artists at all levels will discover fresh new insights to feed their creative expression. All participants who register in advance will receive free product samples and an extensive literature packet including hand painted color charts and creative ideas for GOLDEN products.
Instructor: Patti Mollica
Monday, 6 - 8pm, Mar 30
Cost: FREE

Immersion in Abstraction
Explore the world of abstraction. In this class students will investigate contemporary abstraction and discover ways to generate and compose their own abstract imagery. Some approaches will involve collage, expressive narrative, symbolic imagery and geometry. The course will cover the basics of color theory, space, value, and composition. All levels welcome; the class will be tailored to individual participants. The only prerequisite is to come with a curiosity and willingness to experiment. Over the two days, students will be guided towards the completion of a small series of works, as well as at least one larger work.
Instructor: Lenny Moskowitz
Saturday & Sunday, 9am - 12pm, Mar 14 - 15
Facility fee: $5
Cost: $72; members: $65

The Basics of Encaustic
This workshop will introduce students to painting with a medium that begins to harden the moment it leaves its heat source. Learn about wax and medium, painting and fusing, working the surface to achieve various textures, substrate options, archival issues, and safe studio practices. See how encaustic can be incorporated into your work. Individual concerns will be addressed. This is a great opportunity to get started with encaustic!
Instructor: Binnie Birstein
Sunday, 1 - 5pm, Mar 15
Facility fee: $5
Cost: $55; members: $50

A Tour Through Chelsea
Join us for a walk up and down the streets of Chelsea in Manhattan. Discover gorgeous gallery spaces and artworks - including painting, sculpture, video and installation - by artists from around the world. You will be inspired, intellectually invigorated, seduced or possibly confused, and even a bit disgruntled. No matter, the time goes by swiftly; you will have fun, and your mind and body will receive the exercise they so need. Wear comfortable shoes. Students will be notified of meeting location before the event. Please note students will provide their own transportation.
Instructor: Steven DiGiovanni
Saturday, 11am - 3pm, Apr 18
Cost: $32; members: $29

Mixed Media and Collage
Experiment with mixed media and collage, while discovering your own personal artistic voice. Using different papers, media and techniques, students will learn about composition, textures, layers and more. We will explore background treatments, ways to transfer images and the use of photographs to enhance your work… the possibilities are endless. All sorts of paper, pastels, watercolor, stamps, acrylics, inks and found objects will be used. A materials list will be provided upon registration. Beginners are welcome.
Instructor: Corina Alvarezdelugo
Saturday & Sunday, 12 - 4pm, May 30 - 31
Facility fee: $15
Cost: $160; members: $146

Waxing Wabi-Sabi
Take inspiration from Wabi-Sabi, an aesthetic that embraces the imperfection of processes over which we have no control. With this in mind, we will take inspiration from observations of our surroundings. Using encaustic, students will be introduced to texturizing, layering and techniques for creating a patina while taking advantage of happy accidents that occur with the medium. Some experience with encaustic is helpful although not required. Students may sign up for one or both sessions. Specialized materials valued at $30 included. List of additional materials will be sent upon registration.
a Instructor: Ruth Sack
   Monday, 10am - 4pm, Jun 1
   Facility fee: $15
   Cost: $88; members: $79
b Instructor: Ruth Sack
   Tuesday, 10am - 4pm, Jun 2
   Facility fee: $15
   Cost: $88; members: $79
c Instructor: Ruth Sack
   Monday & Tuesday, 10am - 4pm, Jun 1 - 2
   Facility fee: $25
   2 sessions; members: $158

Artists Portfolios for the Web
You’ve made the art, and now its time to make it available to the public! This workshop will provide a sampling of tools and online resources (many at no cost) to create, and post, your own portfolio site. We’ll cover all you need to know to set up your online presence. We’ll have an overview session, and then scan or input your work. No previous experience necessary.
Instructor: Beth Lovell
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 1 - 4pm, Jun 2 - 4
Facility fee: $10
Cost: $110; members: $99

Intensive Summer Painting Workshop
Come join us for a weeklong workshop to focus on your work with guidance from an instructor and support from fellow students. Students will be able to explore aspects of the creative process that may only be revealed through 30 hours of continuous effort. Instruction will address the needs and objectives of each individual student and will include brief presentations, introductions of methods and examples from art history and contemporary practice. Come to the first class ready to go and prepared to lose yourself in the process of creative discovery. Prerequisite: A beginning drawing class.
Instructor: Steven DiGiovanni
Monday - Friday, 9am - 3pm, Jun 8 - 12
Facility fee: $25
Cost: $423; members: $381



iPhone Photos: Photographing the St. Patrick’s Day Parade
Explore the possibilities of making visually beautiful yet challenging photographs with the iPhone! We will begin with an illustrated lecture on iPhone photography and projects. Then we will download and introduce some exciting applications for image processing before photographing the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in downtown New Haven. After lunch, we’ll return to CAW to download and further edit images. We’ll continue editing images and upload them to tumblr to view a slideshow of everyone’s work. Smartphone, preferably iPhone, required. Please bring USB cable. Some previous experience with image capture and editing highly recommended. Please bring your lunch to class.
Instructors: Meredith Miller & Rob Rocke
Sunday, 10am - 5pm, Mar 15
Facility fee: $5
Cost: $123; members: $111

Tabletop Studio: Small Product Photography
Higher quality images and better composition bring in more sales and generate more revenue from online shops. This workshop will go over basic techniques for lighting and photographing small objects on a budget. These techniques are useful for photographing pottery, jewelry, vintage and thrift store goods, or any small item for listing on ecommerce websites such as Etsy and eBay. Bring an object to be photographed (nothing too large, it must fit on a table) and a camera. Any type of digital camera is sufficient as long as you are comfortable using it (DSLR, point and short, smartphone or tablet).
Instructor: Jonathan Weekes
Saturday, 9:30am - 12:30pm, Apr 18
Cost: $50; members: $45

African American Photographers
Explore the role of African American photographers throughout American history. This lecture will highlight the role of iconic African American photographers such as James Vander Zee, Roy DeCarava, Gordon Parks, Renee Cox, Carrie Mae Weems and Lorna Simpson. We will examine early daguerreotypes of African slaves and the transformation of photographic representation with the emergence of African American photographers. This course will provide a critical examination of the role of photography as a tool of documentation as well as its formation of social constructs.
Instructors: Lachell Workman
Saturday, 9:30am - 12:30pm, Apr 11 Cost: $50; members: $45



Suminagashi Workshop
This workshop will introduce the ancient Japanese technique of printing from inks floating on water. This non-toxic method of decorating paper creates a very organic, fluid looking pattern. The process is hypnotic and meditative. After a brief lecture and demonstration, students will marble many sheets of paper suitable for use in book arts, calligraphy, gift-wrapping and more.
Instructor: Paulette Rosen
Saturday, 10am - 4pm, Mar 28
Facility fee: $5
Cost: $82; members: $74

Streamlining the Production of Artist Book Editions
When making multiples of a book, artists must approach the project with a different set of design constraints than when making a unique volume. The process of streamlining production can be fun and creatively challenging. In this workshop, students will learn how to make choices concerning reproduction methods, bindings, edition size, and structure based on limitations of time, facilities, and budget. The class will include directions for making jigs and templates, and suggestions for making the production process more efficient. Participants in the workshop will design and produce a small edition in the class, using rubber stamps and other easy reproduction methods for content. Materials included.
Instructor: Carol Barton
Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 4pm, Apr 25 - 26
Facility fee: $10
Cost: $375; members: $338

Book Sculpture
By learning a few simple paper manipulation techniques, a hardcover book will be transformed from an everyday object into a unique sculpture. The pages of the book can be folded, cut, rolled, punched, glued, crimped, embossed and ripped to create a visual interpretation of text, material, form and content. The versatile and flexible material of paper lends itself to an internal and external dialogue using layers to hide and reveal content where idea over object and the beauty of form are at play. The class is an excellent lesson in symmetry, balance and positive/negative space. Open to all levels. Bring two books to alter. List with further materials will be provided upon registration. Bringing a lunch is recommended to save valuable work time.
Instructor: Shelby Head
Saturday, 10am - 4pm, May 2
Facility fee: $5
Cost: $110; members: $99



Japanese Lampmaking
Learn how easy it is to make an elegant Japanese Shoji lamp in this one-day workshop. Students will use wood and rice paper to create a floor or table lamp and will learn a simple technique for electrically wiring the lamp. Students will leave with a unique lamp of their own design. All materials supplied, but feel free to bring any special rice paper.
Instructor: Phillip Chambers
Sunday, 10am - 4pm, Mar 29
Cost: $105; members: $95



Monotype Printing on Fabric
Explore the wonderfully spontaneous technique of monotype printing on fabric using textile paints. In this workshop, students will explore the use of several substrates to create monotype prints, including gelatin, Plexiglass and ceramic tiles on both dry and wet fabric as they experiment with subtractive and additive methods for applying paint and imagery. Leave class with an armload of samples that can be embellished and embroidered to create finished fiber art pieces, or combine them into a larger piece or art quilt. Textile paints are water soluble and easy to clean with just soap and water. If used correctly, they can leave little or no trace of a hand to your textiles, while you can enjoy the ease of working with paint rather than thickened dyes. On the second day, students are welcome to use hand stitching and beading to embellish their prints. Open to all levels.
Instructor: Cheryl Rezendes
Saturday & Sunday, 9:30am - 4:30pm, Mar 21 - 22
Facility fee: $15
Cost: $275; members: $248

Weaving on the Weekend
Learn the basics of weaving using a portable rigid heddle loom. This compact loom is perfect for many different projects and will introduce the beginner to a wide range of weave structures and woven projects. For weavers with experience, the rigid heddle loom will expand the options for small projects, sampling, and experimenting. Students will learn how to set up the loom and complete their first project - a scarf with the colors and textures of their choice. Bring your own rigid heddle loom, or purchase ($141) or rent ($35) a loom from the instructor. All other materials provided. Beginners welcome.
Instructor: Christine Wilkinson
Sundays, 10am - 4pm, Apr 12 & 19
Facility fee: $5
Cost: $140; members: $126

Weaving Beyond the Basics
Explore further possibilities for creative weaving with a rigid heddle loom. This workshop is designed to expand your experience with woven structures into lace, warp- and weft-faced fabrics and using more that one heddle for complex designs. Participants will also examine the impact of various fibers and colors. Bring your own rigid heddle loom, or purchase ($141) or rent ($35) a loom from the instructor. Some experience with rigid heddle looms or other weaving methods is recommended, but beginners are also welcome.
Instructor: Christine Wilkinson
Sunday, 10am - 4pm, May 3
Facility fee: $5
Cost: $70; members: $60



Discover PMC
Have fun working with Precious Metal Clay (PMC). It looks and feels like clay, but it is actually pure silver in an organic binder. Learn basic techniques for forming, texturing, firing and finishing PMC, and finish and take home several unique pieces of PMC jewelry. No previous jewelry-making experience is required. NEW for 2015: the class will include flush setting lab-grown gems to fire in PMC! Bringing a lunch is recommended to save valuable work time. A materials fee of approximately $100 is payable to the instructor at class by cash or check. (Materials fee is subject to change with the metals market.) Use of basic tools and PMC for class projects is included in the materials fee.
Instructor: Nancy Karpel
   Saturday, 10am - 3:30pm, May 2
   Facility fee: $5
   Cost: $110; members: $99

Working with PMC FLEX
Gain experience with the newest form of PMC. This pliable form of silver clay dries slowly and will hold its workability many times longer than PMC-3, but is just as strong after firing. Students can experiment with weaving, ribbon making, twisted forms, and much more! Add “Flex” to your repertoire of knowledge and open up many new design possibilities! Bringing a lunch is recommended to save valuable work time. A materials fee of approximately $100 is payable to the instructor at class by cash or check. (Materials fee is subject to change with the metals market.) Use of basic tools and PMC for class projects is included in the materials fee. Prerequisite: one other PMC class or workshop.
Instructor: Nancy Karpel
Sunday, 10am - 4pm, Apr 26
Facility fee: $5
Cost: $120; members: $108

Translucent Jewelry with Polymer Clay
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from renowned jewelry artist Louise Fischer Cozzi, whose work is featured annually in our Celebration of American Crafts. Learn to etch on translucent colors, a type of clay mixed with oil paint developed by the instructor. Also learn a rub-off technique to achieve fine transfer designs. Bringing a lunch is recommended to save work time. Some materials provided; other materials will be available for purchase from the instructor. All levels welcome.
Instructor: Louise Fischer Cozzi
Saturday & Sunday, 10 - 4pm, June 13 - 14
Facility fee: $15
Cost: $335; members: $302

Leather Wrap Bracelet
Learn how to make these popular bracelets that wrap around the wrist two or more times, using your choice of beads and leather. Instructor will supply tools. Materials fee payable to the instructor will range from $25 for basic materials and more for high-end materials.
Instructor: Viola Galetta
Sunday, 10am - 1pm, May 3
Cost: $35; members: $32

Viking Knit Bracelet
Learn the ancient Scandinavian technique of weaving with wire. Students will learn to weave with different gauges of wire and to add beads and crystals, creating unique, finished pieces, ready to wear or give. Instructor will supply tools. Materials fee payable to the instructor will range from $25 for basic materials and more for high-end materials.
Instructor: Viola Galetta
Saturday, 10am - 1pm, May 16
Cost: $35; members: $32

Bead Stringing: Magic on a String
Learn about the different techniques, tools and materials used to produce beautiful beaded jewelry. Design, color and texture including the use of natural and manmade materials will be discussed. Techniques such as pearl knotting, stringing materials and adding findings will be studied, providing each student the opportunity to leave with a professionally finished product. Instructor will supply tools. Materials fee payable to the instructor will range from $25 for basic materials and more for high-end materials.
Instructor: Viola Galetta
Saturday, 1 - 4pm, May 16
Cost: $35; members: $32






Zombie in Love: A Free Family Workshop
Ages 7-10
Calling all young Zombie fans and their families! Gather together to hear the story of Mortimer the zombie, who is looking for love in all the wrong places. How’s a guy supposed to find a ghoul? Build your own zombie, paint a picture with a palette of delightfully disgusting watercolors and laugh while listening to Mortimer’s hapless adventures. Each family will receive a copy of Zombie in Love by Kelly DiPucchio, with illustrations by Scott Campbell. This free workshop is funded by the Museum Round Trip Project with a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Service. You must register in advance to attend the workshop. Space is limited.
Instructor: YP Faculty
Sunday, 2 - 4pm, Mar 8
Cost: FREE


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