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Particular Places: 2006 National Exhibition
Juror: Bernard Chaet
William Leffingwell Professor of Painting Emeritus
Yale University School of Art

May 12 - June 23, 2006

Prizewinners: Robert J. Anderson and Erin Raedeke
Special Recognition: Howard Fussiner, Constance LaPalombara and Peter Ziou; Honorable Mention: Binnie Birstein, Mary Connelly, Amanda Durant, Nana Gregory, Brent Holland, Kathy Kane, Matthew P. Klos, Lee Leonard, Damon McArthur, Louisa McElwain, Joseph Miller, Matthew Newton and Tony Zatzick

About Particular Places:
Creative Arts Workshop is pleased to present Particular Places, a national exhibition with juror Bernard Chaet, William Leffingwell Professor of Painting Emeritus, Yale University School of Art.

“Painting is alive,” pronounced Mr. Chaet. This exhibition reveals painting to be a true process of creation. The artists of Particular Places do not simply transcribe images onto canvas; they breathe life into dead materials – pigment, paper, wood and canvas. The paintings speak to each other using many visual languages, just as Mr. Chaet intended.

Whether realistic or abstract, the paintings in this exhibition are alive with energy and movement. In landscapes, one senses the stillness of the air or the turbulence of the wind. The passing of time is evident in the changing light. Interior scenes tell the stories of the people who inhabit these spaces. Architectural elements and the clutter of daily life serve as clues to the lives of people who just left the room. In some cases, the people are still present, turning the focus onto the place the viewer inhabits while observing a private moment. Works that depict abstract spaces constructed of line, form, color and texture remind us of places we have been and places we have only imagined.

The great diversity and creativity displayed by the artists of Particular Places prove that painting is alive as a medium. As we examine the large number of works in this exhibition, we are inspired by the variety of imagery and innovative ways in which painters express themselves. Mr. Chaet’s selections offer diverse views and interpretations of our world, the particular places that live around us and in our imagination.

The selection process for this show was a tremendous undertaking, as close to 400 artists entered more than 1100 works of art. We extend our thanks to Mr. Chaet for his time and dedication to creating this wonderful exhibition. Members of the Gallery Committee, especially Chair Diane Svigals and Gallery Assistant Sandy Bartle, also deserve our gratitude. Their hard work behind the scenes helps make a show like this a success and enriches the artistic experiences available to the New Haven community.

About the Juror:
Bernard Chaet brings to this show the mastery of a lifetime painting and teaching art. Known for his dramatic, expressive landscapes, portraits and still lifes, Mr. Chaet has exhibited his work extensively in galleries and institutions throughout the United States. His work is included in numerous collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Smithsonian American Art Museum, and Chicago Art institute.

Mr. Chaet studied with German Expressionist Karl Zerbe during the 1940s at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Tufts University and an Honorary Degree of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art. From 1951 to 1990, Mr. Chaet taught painting at the Yale University School of Art, where he is the William Leffingwell Professor of Painting Emeritus.


2006: Particular Places, juried by Bernard Chaet William Leffingwell Professor of Painting Emeritus Yale University School of Art

2005: Close to Home, juried by Jacquelyn D. Serwer, Chief Curator of the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.




Samuel T. Adams (MA)
Carol Adelman (PA)
Steve Alpert (NY)
Robert J. Anderson (MA)
Collin Asmus (MA)
John Azoni (MI)
Beverly L. Bailey (IL)
Lawrence Baker (OH)
Patricia Barnett (CA)
Sarah Bielski (MI)
Lisa Bigalke (WI)
Binnie Birstein (CT)
Rachel Bomze (NJ)
Jodi Bonassi (CA)
David Bradford (MA)
Ron Buffington (TN)
Mira Cantor (MA)
Joanna Catalfo (NC)
Ralph Coburn (MA)
Rob Compton (KS)
Mary Connelly (CO)
Lisa Costanzo (MA)
Maryellen Cox (IN)
Judith de Graffenried (CT)
Drew Deane (NC)
Larry Deemer (NY)
Peter F. Dellert (MA)
John Den Houter (IL)
Anne Doris-Eisner (CT)
Amanda Durant (CT)
Alicia Dwyer (MA)
Diane Fitch (OH)
Richard D. Fox (MA)
Marilyn Fraser (MA)
Howard Fussiner (CT)
Josh Gaetjen (CT)
Jean Galli (CT)
Heather Gordon (NC)
Bridget Grady (CT)
Nana Gregory (CA)
Barbara Gruber (MD)
David Hannon (IN)
Christi Harris (VA)
Martha Hayden (NY)
Michael Heffernan (VT)
Michael Herstand (NY)
Jessica Hess (MA)
Nathaniel Hester (NC)
Brent Holland (IA)
Morgan Johnson (OR)
Kathy Kane (CT)
Laura B. King (WA)
Matthew P. Klos (OH)
Robert Knudsen (MD)
Christine Kossodo (CT)
Ann R. Langdon (CT)
Constance LaPalombara (CT)
Kathleen Lemoine (LA)
Lee Leonard (MA)
Barri Lester (KS)
Margie Livingston (WA)
Matthew Lopas (AR)
Linda Mahoney (MA)
Patricia Mahoney (NH)
Lisa Majer (IL)
Sabrina Marques (CT )
Kim Massaro (MA)
Damon McArthur (IL)
Louisa McElwain (NM)
Anne Q. McKeown (NJ)
Joseph Miller (NY)
Julie Mitchell (OH)
Kayla Mohammadi (MA)
Kathy A. Moore (OH)
Shawn Nelson (MA)
Matthew Newton (GA)
Hua Nian (IL)
Dorian Nisinson (NY)
Lindsay Nolting (VA)
Amy J. Oliveira (TX)
Howard Oransky (MN)
Iris Osterman (MA)
Nicholas Palermo (RI)
Ryan Pancoast (CT)
Erin Raedeke (WV)
Josephine S. Robinson (CT)
Joseph Salerno (VT)
Deirdre Schiffer (CT)
Tyson Skross (CT)
Ruta Smilskalns (MA)
Linda Steinhardt (NJ)
Laurel Sucsy (NY)
Carol Taylor-Kearney (NJ)
Gregory Thielker (MA)
Judy Thuss (NY)
Jennifer Tomaiolo (NY)
Michael Torlen (NY)
Emma Trincal (NY)
Misha Van DeVeire (WA)
Jonathan Charles Vaughan (FL)
Laura Von Rosk (NY)
Thuan Vu (CT)
Jill Weber (MA)
Lana Leigh Wilkens (OK)
Gloria Wong (NY)
Hope Zaccagni (NY)
Tony Zatzick (CT)
Peter Ziou (CT)