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Creative Arts Workshop features new work by the prizewinner of the 2009 exhibition Sky’s the Limit, juried by Janet Echelman, internationally recognized artist specializing in public art installations and sculpture. Recent work by Jennifer Kaufman will be on view in the first floor of the CAW Hilles Gallery from January 22 to February 12, 2010, with an opening reception on Friday, January 22 from 5 to 7 pm. The public is invited to attend; admission to the gallery is free.

This show further explores the visual objectives of Sky’s the Limit, which emphasized “the ability of a work to communicate an idea experientially to the viewer,” according to Ms. Echelman. Ms. Echelman selected Kaufman from the twenty-one artists who were included in Sky’s the Limit in 2009. More than one hundred artists from across the country submitted over two hundred entries for the show.

The work of Jennifer Kaufman is an exploration of line and mark-making. For this exhibition, she will present a piece that moves between works on paper and site-specific installation, using simple materials including tape, graphite and ink.

The exhibition will also feature installations by two Merit Recognition honorees from Sky’s the Limit. Melanie Rose Peterson will transform CAW’s elevator from a simple vehicle into an all-encompassing, imaginative experience. Using biodegradable packing peanuts and plastic wrap, she will apply a textured surface to the elevator walls, allowing the viewer to be entirely surrounded by the work for the brief duration of a trip between floors. Rachel Newsam and Vaclav Sipla will present Loom, an installation of wave-like forms mounted on the walls of the second floor of the Hilles Gallery. Inspired by the over-and-under motion of a weaving loom, the undulating forms will transform the space into a soft, biomorphic room, altering the journey the viewer takes through it.



Jennifer Kaufman

Ricochet and Rhyme III, like all of my work, is a process-based piece. With no site of origin or origin in time, a line continues forever. The middle of a room, a wall, or a piece of sturdy paper provide me with a good place to encounter a line, engage its impulse towards fragmentation, self-revision and continuity. Using simple materials including tape, pencil, ink, and graphite, I make lines and forms that fumble through gravity and into an infinite balancing act. The lines meet coherent forms and reckless intimate marks. And marking goes like this: a hard mark, fast mark, reasoned and backwards mark, marks that are suspended, assembled, or dismantled. Working on the ladder at a larger scale, my body also enters a balancing act committed to measured intent and the rustling pleasures of revision.




2009: Helen Byler and Carrie Mae Smith, Prizewinners of the 2008 National Exhibition Painting as Presence, with juror William Bailey

2008: Nicholas Kripal, Judit Varga, and Nicholas Wood, Prizewinners of the 2007 National Exhibition Ceramic Abstraction: Exploration and Evidence, with juror Paula Winokur


Jennifer Kaufman

Jan 22 – Feb 12, 2010

View the new work of the prizewinner of Sky's the Limit, the 2009 National Exhibition with juror Janet Echelman.

Also on view are new installations from the Merit Recognition Honorees, Rachel Kaede Newsam and Vaclav Sipla and Melanie Rose Peterson.

Opening Reception Friday, January 22, 5 to 7 pm



Jennifer Kaufman (San Francisco, CA) holds a BA from Wellesley College and an MFA from California College of the Arts, where she was awarded the Dennis Leon Award. Kaufman has exhibited work at White Columns in New York, d.e.n. Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and at numerous Bay Area galleries. She has also designed and built various exhibits for The San Francisco Exploratorium Museum of Art and Science.

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